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kuroko tries out new sports



basketball is so yesterday



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( ●´艸`● ) the ED is so cute! Policemen Rin & Sosuke. YES. 


Kuroko No Basket Duet CD vol.6


[in the library]

Midorima: [walking] That bastard Takao. Just how far did he wander off to look for this reference book? I’ve already found the one I wanted.
Kuroko: [on tiptoe, reaching for a book] Mn… Mnn…!
Midorima: [pauses] Hm…? That’s…Kuroko?
Kuroko: Mnn…hmm…! It’s so high up! But…I’m so close…to reaching it…!
Midorima: [pulls the book from the shelf] Is this the one you want?
Kuroko: Ah, Midorima-kun!
Midorima: Here. Take it.
Midorima: Hm…Kuroko?
Kuroko: I could have gotten it myself.
Midorima: Wha…?
Kuroko: I mean, thank you very much. [accepts the book]
Midorima: Do you like that author?
Kuroko: Yes. I only learned of him recently, but I thought I might try to read his older works, as well. That’s why I came to the library.
Midorima: Is that so? I’ve also read most of that author’s works. And of those works, I personally highly recommend that one.
Kuroko: I’m looking forward to reading it, then. By the way, are you also here to look for a book, Midorima-kun?
Midorima: Yes. I came to look for a reference book to use in preparing for a test. [holds up the book] I found said reference book, but Takao and I got separated in the meantime.
Kuroko: Oh, really? If you like, I can help you look for him.
Midorima: No, rather than search the whole library at random, I’m more likely to find him if I simply wait in the lobby.
Kuroko: That’s probably true.
[walking to the lobby]
Kuroko: Oh! Speaking of tests, I just remembered something.
Midorima: What might that be?
Kuroko: It’s about the rolling pencil you gave me some time ago.
Midorima: Oh, yes. The one made from the Yushima Tenjin pencil?
Kuroko: It was a great help during the most recent achievement tests.
Midorima: Hmph. Naturally. Of all my lucky items, I’m particularly proud of that one. That being so, if you rely on it too much, fate will betray you. You’d best take care in that regard.
Kuroko: Kagami-kun was the one who used it, not me.
Midorima: What?!
Kuroko: Thanks to that pencil, Kagami-kun avoided having to take the make-up tests.
Midorima: Just what were you thinking?! I have absolutely no obligation to help Kagami in any way!
Kuroko: Oh, don’t worry. Kagami-kun was also considerably miserable about being forced to rely on you.
Midorima: That bastard Kagami… Good grief, he’s such a nuisance.
Kuroko: We made it to the lobby, but…I don’t see him anywhere.
Midorima: [sighs] Just as well. I’m going to wait here for Takao a little longer.
Kuroko: In that case, I’ll take my leave now. [turns to go]
Midorima: Kuroko.
Kuroko: Hm?
Midorima: We met today by chance.
Kuroko: Yes.
Midorima: But next time…
Kuroko: Next time…
Kuroko and Midorima: …let’s meet on the court.



Anonymous: Oha Asa said I should talk to an Aquarius today...


…I guess it can’t be helped since it’s your horoscope thing…

Also Midorima-kun I’ve been wanting to say this for a while…

You look like a carrot when you wear your Shuutoku jersey



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